Thursday, April 29, 2004

Well some news to report:

I won 2 $50 satellites at The Horseshoe today, and am in Super Sat 7:45pm Friday 4/30 with one rebuy already accounted for....

I'll post results of my excursion tomorrow....

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Hey some news!

First satellite try ever for WSOP, I came in 2nd, only first moves on, but I got my buy-in back from the guy who had me outchipped 93% to 7%!

I guess that's called respect?

I played in Sahara's Weds. night weekly $40 (+ one optional $20 rebuy) for the first time, on spur of the moment thanks to Megabit.

I finally broke my live tourney jinx, I took 7th out of 120+ for $160, $120 profit because I did not need the rebuy.

One guy had a HUGE lead, and I ran head first into AA vs my AJs to knock me out, there was a guy down to 3 chips, but true to my new NO WHIMPING OUT rule, I didn't fold when AJs showed it was my first good starter in about 30-45 mins into the final table.

I stayed around for finish only to see big stack start to piss his chips away calling an ALL-IN 68000 bet into him, with Q2o WTF!
He then gets knocked with Q7 vs KK I think. YIKES!

I played a mistake-free tournament in my mind, or at least after 4.5 hours I was too drained to remember any! 8)

Friday, April 09, 2004

I am no longer actively supporting this blog.

Thanks for watching....

Good fortune to all in life in general, not all riches are financial!

I am going to try some satellites to get into the main event at the WSOP 2004 next week, I will post here if I make it and my thoughts in May when it goes down, if I am that fortunate....

I'll post here if anything else major occurs, so I'd suggest checking here, maybe every 2 weeks.

I'm still doing well and sticking with it, by the way.


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