Sunday, February 29, 2004

The tournament drought ended at 9....

I won the next one, and came in 2nd in one after that... Limit Hold'em then Pot Limit Hold'em....

Friday, February 27, 2004

I forgot to Post on VP3 Event #3 No-Limit Hold'em....

I went out 11th just 2 shy of cashing...

My final hand:
[shorthanded and I have 1 500 chip left at 500/1000 blinds]

Me: 66
Winner: A6s
Another loser had: QJo

Board wound up: AA442 of course.....

I played in 2 online NL hold'em tournaments today, one for real $ and the other PSO league game....

I am on a horrible run of suckouts or poor ALL-IN flops for whatever I have..... 6 tournaments in a row without recalling a decent suckout AI where I was actually not favorite to win.... or a favorable AI flop for my hand when I was calling someone else's All-In....

But, forget poker for a sec....

My wife got the job and starts next Tuesday!

8) 8) 8)

We went out celebrating at Fiesta - Henderson: Our favorite cheap buffet ($9 for dinner, we got 1 comp'd with our combined comp points on our player's club cards) and casino to play video poker and even for me anyhow, some slots.

$452 up on a 2-coin 50 cents Triple Red White and Blue machine: I hit RED 7 | RED 7 | TRIPLE for 900 coins.

$100 for 4 3's on quarter Double Bonus Video Poker
Followed by
$62.50 for 4 K's on same DBVP machine about 8 hands later.

I seem to fare much better at Video Poker at 5 coin max quarter machines then any other..... although much higher I have only played briefly, hit and miss and cry method....
Yeah I have played 1 coin on a $25 video poker machine before..... LOL!

Then again, Slots wise: $10 and .25/.50 machines have done the best for me, have never hit for anything above $240 at $1 or $5.

Left F-H up about $400.... yahoo!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

It was 18th * 2 Tuesday
VP Members event #2 Omaha Hi/Low 8 or better limit, I went out 18th....

PSO No Limit tourney, out 18th......

I forgot my final hand on PSO, but I do recall this interesting bit of detail.... [ok, perhaps just interesting to me]

First orbit of tournament, I was table leader when this beauty occured [sarcasm]:

Me: AA
Crazylegs: TT

All-In PF: Flop TxK
Turn: K
River: blank...

I am down to 375....

Crazylegs gets up to 6000 in chips, I don't think I ever hit 3000.

I switched tables suddenly and lost track of him....

I win my first two hands at the new table pretty much uncontested.... which was weird, since I wasn't exactly at a good stack point, but cool, I am back up to 1600, and could survive 3 orbits not playing any hands... (I never do that, honest)

My finish: 18th
Crazylegs finish: 28th
Outlasting your early suckout master by 10 places: priceless...

I got AA about 4 hands after the first set CL beat me on and got called by A4.... double up time....

I really need to learn to just start BLUFFING or going ALL-IN once I get down to 5x the big blind, more often.
[this tip brought to you by a grant or was it a rant? by VC ;)]

At least the online tourney's blinds didn't escalate like every 6 hands, like earlier in the day, that is one advantage to online tournaments, a lot more hands....
Omaha High/Low today we had some really long hands due to difficulty reading who had low sometimes and then having chips have to be stacked and split twice occasionally.
I wish I would have written one of the hands down, I swear they misread the low on one.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

No clue what place I took at Monday's Limit Hold'em Event for VP, but here's my last hand:

AI preflop at 200/400 blind level, Folded around to me, I raise my last 100 out of SB, BB calls... of course...

Me: AQo
Doogies: Ac2c you knew it had to be clubs, eh? [Doogies wound up taking 3rd place]

Board gets a 2h and nuttin else, I am a goner.....

I got AA right before the break and no one called my raise, the young lady that wound up 6th told me that she had an Ace and was going to bet, but saw me readying my chips, which I thought was interesting, I had all of 2 chips left at the time, and had been fondling them lovingly and she said I reached for them too soon... I will definitely use that against her tomorrow if at my table.... I know she will be playing... 8) What she really didn't know, was that I often grab my chips early, and often means nothing.... but we will just keep that OUR little secret. ;)

My only other hand I recalled winning was T9o with no call on my post flop of 972 bet... the first hand at the table....
15 min escalation doubling bets/blinds each time made this another speed demon tournament, I think it finally dawned on me what the strategy is for this type.
I'd share it, but it should cost lots of money.... ;) [I sure could use it]

On the job front, wife hasn't heard back yet.... STILL... so I am in limbo... tis ok, 2 more tournaments and will get back to full-time studying and practice and hit the tables now and then until we get final word.... even with crappy results, I still learn a lot each and every time I play...

I was/am at a disadvantage, a lot of the VP folks frequently play each other on Dynamite Poker if anyone is interested.... I however haven't....

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Victory Poker III Limit Hold'em 5K event.....

I got knocked out FIRST.... Funny though was that I won the first two hands at my table!

For my troubles.... I got a nice Samsonite Attache and I a GO All-In T-Shirt of my choice.

I let the nice VP lady take me all in at the river since I had to call and would have had less than a BB left...

I swear she raised PF with Q4s, flop came 4x4 and river was a queen..... I had TT.

I got just good enough cards to burn out the stacks, and they doubled the bets/blinds every 15 mins, and that made this very very tough.

My first hand winner was AKs of all things.... I won then with J6s on blind....

and then all down hill with 88, QJo, 22, and TT.

I was not feeling the great today and hadn't played any poker for about 3 days, that's my lame excuse and I am sticking to it!

I did wind up with more than 90+% of folks there so am I really the BIG LOSER?

Monday, February 16, 2004

NL Hold'em, took 3rd out of 93!

I had huge chip lead for 90 mins of the contest, only to have a HUGE streak of ALL-INs where I started out ahead and lost everyone of them!

Let's see JJ vs 88, 8 on turn.... 2 in which their suite hit 2 on flop and one on river.... 2 in which they have full house on turn.... [all PF ALL-INs].... Final table really was ugly, but somehow I survived and knocked out 9th and 6th.
The guy in 3rd when down to 3, I had him all but out and he rivered me, and then I got knocked out by the chip leader, and then the other guy who he had by at least 5 to 1 margin BEATS him! He tried to bluff him..... meanwhile my last hand against bluffer went like this:

Me: K4o I was too low in chips and blinds are 5k/10k
Him: 93o

Flop: 57K
Turn: 8
River..... duh 6

Friday, February 13, 2004

Took 5th out of 46 in NL Hold'em, that makes 4 final tables in a row, a good achievement, I think, in 3 different disciplines to boot.

Lost with TT and then QJs right after to knock me out, chip leader had 5 times the rest of us..... he could afford to call us all a bit too easily.

I never get passive at final tables (anymore) and that causes my exits sometimes, but NO FEAR...

Thursday, February 12, 2004

My last hand ever on Pokerstars:

I had all of 5.36 cents left....

I went to my usual .01/.02

There was a guy there claiming to be giving people $, well here's what swallowed my first $2.

Me: J9

Board: QT46 River: 5

Him: 87

Actual final hand:

Me: AdKd

Him: Q5o

Another guy in but only had .75 to his name: 44

All-in Preflop....

Flop: 87 6d Turn: 4d Bad here for me already:



I'd call this a bad day, but....

Wife got called back on Interview she had last friday, after the brutal 6 day wait [LOL!] looks like job is her's. 8)
Turn in official paperwork tomorrow and goes from there....

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

4th out of 39 in another Omaha Hi Only Tournament, Limit this time, last was Pot Limit.

Blinds were 800/1600 and any hand could be your last except for the chip leader.

Lost to trip 3's [only one on board] with 2 pairs [the top two pairs and no str8 or flush draw on board].

I had fun being table bully for a little while, I think I knocked out at least 8 people.

Nice to know I can hold my own in that game....

2nd place in a Omaha High tournament.
Dang if I didn't have a huge lead at one point, 5 people left and I had more chips then other 4 combined.
Final 3 we duked it out for 20+ mins.
At one point I bluffed on river with my remaining chips and other low stack folded, I had total garbage with board. 8)
This bluffing stuff is keen. ;)

Friday, February 06, 2004

One NL Hold'em Tournament result to report: 10th out of 70....

Final hand was an ALL-IN from the eventual 1st place finisher, I didn't want to believe him, plus if I won I was in place to win it....

I realize now it was an error and he/she is a ALL-IN stooge.

By that I mean they go ALL-IN too much, better off getting someone to pay a medium bet if you really think you have the best hand, so many AI's don't get called and lost opportunity for chips IMHO.


Me: 88

Board: A67

I called his AI which put me AI...

He had AKo as it turned out and I got no help.

He seemed to AI a bit too much, and I decided to gamble... ARGH!

It was also dumb because I was probably in 5th chip position before the hand started, but 40% of my chips were already in the pot.

At least I realize my error.... and it was a PSO free roll, so wasn't that valuable to me, which is another reason I felt like calling him down.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

4 hours at 1-4-8-8 late tonite... $2/$4 had 5 person waiting list when my name was added....

After the 2/4 game eventually broke up 3 people came over to my 1-4-8-8 including that wretched older lady from last night and she sat right across from me. 8(

I never got to tear her up... she seem to be avoiding me, hehe

I had the biggest stack of chips at the table for a long time, but I had bought in for a full rack ($100) so I wasn't up a ton at any point.

I got dealt AKo and AKs in consecutive hands, AK lost and AKs wound up splitting a pot.

Hands I remember I won with included JJ, TT, 99 (the one I pulled off a successful monster bluff with), A4o, K7s, 66, T9o, 87s and 64s, but lost with KK yet again, it ate $30 that one did....

AKo or AKs was the BIG LOSER in tonite's game, I split one pot with it, and watched about 8 other AK's LOSE at showdown, don't recall one winning outright....

AND ONCE AGAIN..... I went without ever getting Ace Ace.... and I saw Ace Ace flipped over twice at the river and it lost both times! LOL! I did see KK win once, by the older lady.... I was not happy except I was out of the hand, and saw it eat dust 2 other times.

Til tomorrow.... I'm happy right now playing 4-5.5 hours a stretch at late hours... I think I am going to try $10/$20 at Mirage next week at least once, to see where I stand.... No more $2/$4 for me, it's been too much of a loser, 4/8 has been decent, I'm easily one of the best players at every table I have sat down to, so far.

I have built up a nice immunity to TILT and the thought of someone raising me to $40 on river doesn't phase me, if I am even still in the hand at the river, I'm either an auto-fold or I have a solid hand 90% of the time.

Left up 31.25, I must avoid temptation to play more than my quarters on their video poker and slots next time,[I left the place down], once the poker game goes dead.... although I want that Megabucks jackpot, just once.... 8)

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Survived 2/4 for 5.15 late night hours before we was all of 2 players and they forced us to break up at 4:10am.

Hand of the night:

Flop: TT2

Turn: T

River: of course.... case TEN

I didn't win that one or much of anything, this older lady kept rivering me out of pots, and we had a LOUD drunk at one end who did this beauty:

Called $4 river bet with 53 and that gave him NUTTIN... I mean NOTHING.... HE WAS DRUNK... LOUD.... Yeah I think a few of us wanted slug him with a 2 by 4, he carried on about his cousin winning the 50-60 entrant NL tourney for $1400 and he had never played in one before...... and he caught some cards too to piss us all off, but alas he left broke as expected, I could never catch anything solid against him, or if I did I was up against one person usually and it was over quickly.

I lost with almost all the usual PF calling/raising fare and I think the worst NON-BLIND hand I played all nite was 86s.

Somehow I left ONLY $44 down at poker, took the $3 in qtrs I had from poker, and turned it into $18, so left only $29 down, under the circumstances it felt almost like a win.

We got down to 3 players at our table and they had 7 at another move to ours, I got sucked out yet again.... KK got rivered by someone playing fast who had squat until the damn ACE hit on river... He sucked out a str8 on me in another hand when I had Aces up with tens, I think it was inside str8 too, he and the older lady were the big winners.

I watched a spanish speaking couple lose a ton, the guy keep refilling with just a 20 and within 2 hands he lost it all about 5 times in a row, he switched to their 1-4-8-8 spread table and gave her chips from his stash at least once, I did bust her out and left us with 2 players whcih they won't do.... I could have busted my opponent she was terrible...

Besides the complementary drunk dude that I seem to get at every table I play at I had this older fella (60's guessing) to my immediate right, he must be a regular, they called him by name, he was an open book in more ways then one, he didn't protect his cards well at all... and he'd cuss out loud (the C word was his favorite) when he missed on the flop and folded, and if his cards came on turn and river, he'd C it up again.... yet I still couldn't tear up this table.... Calling stations and all, and I did play my usual 2/4 tight game, maybe a little weak on aggression, but the dynamics going on, made raising or bluffing a bad move if I didn't have 2P or better already, and even then I'd still get sucked out.

My best flop of the night, I had the old lady as blind, I bet when flop came 77T, I had T7s. 8( She folded of course.

I never went on tilt! YAHOO! LOL!

Monday, February 02, 2004

Today is the day I start fulltime B&M play...

Unsure when I am heading down there, but rest assured not until I am:

1. Wide awake
2. 1 hour passed eating my big meal for the day.
3. Wide awake again. LOL!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Check out my yahoo group if you haven't already....

I'm not posting much here for now....

WPT Battle of Champions is on NBC today, at 1pm here in PSTville.

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