Friday, January 30, 2004

I've decided to start my own Yahoo group.

It may replace this thing, I know some folks wanted more interaction, so here it is:


The group is unmoderated, so whatever you post will be added within a couple minutes! [for now]

Only 1 tournament yesterday, 15th in a NL Hold'em Tourney.

Hand that killed me after taking a nice lead at my table: TT vs QQ [I had TT]

Final hand: AcKc {me} vs 77 (same guy as the QQ above, why why why is it always the same person who whips me?)

I played 1 heads up match, and won that one.

Still going with Carolina Panthers for the Superbowl.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

13th in a Omaha High tournament that I had to leave in middle for a while due to stomache issues.

That game is very high on frustration.

I watched one person get QUAD queens two hands in a row!

I out lasted them though when the smoke cleared.

Howdy all!

I had to wipe and drop my OS so my day got off late, what a pain.

I got into one NL HE tourney, and got off to good start, then two bad breaks and I am gone, slow played one and it took 75% of my stack, fast played one and 2 others also hit the same flop.

Out 100ish out of 127.

Not much you can do....

Now where oh where is: Old Fart Idol! I can sing! lol

Alrighty then.........

3rd place out of 45+ in NL Hold'em Tourney....

9/7/3 in 3 tourneys in 3 game types in one day, pretty good!

Brian >takes a bow<

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Two tournaments today.


Omaha High Only: 7th out of 45+

Limit Hold'em: 9th out of 70+

Whoot, much better! 8)

No exciting hands to really speak of, I just went chip poor and stuck with what the dealer had for me, played well though.

NL Hold'em is up next, good mental stamina test lasting long on a couple tournaments and going for more....

Til next time.... and my condolences to the Parr clan.

I played one more, NL HE Tourney....

Final hand:

Me K4s I just felt like it.

Flop: 744 I go over top bettor, he thinks for a couple secs, and calls.

Him: A7s

Turn: take a wild guess..... a seven would be correct.... ARGH!

Out in the middle off the pack yet again.

Tomorrow is hopefully better.... can't imagine it worse.

Over and out.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Out early on another one, I am just not getting any breaks.

I went low chip to a flush river beat, final AI with A7s, no help at all and called by 2, TT and AQ... figures...

I think that's it for me tonight....

Out early at final table in Omaha High and in a NL Hold'em Tourney as well now....

Slight improvement over earlier.... I made it to final table with 50 that's right FIFTY in chips.

That is about .01% of chips the tourney leader has.

Chip and a chair I made 4 extra places....

Next NLHE tourney info forthcoming, I am at starter funds+ , so hanging in.

Hmmmm out right in middle of pack at NL Hold'em.

Final hand:

Me: 6s5s


I raise 1k, am ALL IN'd, I called 8( As9s I am toast....

Now in Limit Omaha High tourney.... next to report later...

OK then another quickie exit, geeeez I am stinking up the place....

Next up NL Hold'em tourney....
Geeez my suckitude on PSO continues, out far too early....

I went out with 33 vs. AK and KK. AK won it with A on flop.
I got low on chips, chickened out on 2 All-In bets to me.

Next up Pot Limit Omaha.

Short retirement, I am back... 8)

I joined Poker School Online and am honing my poker for now via it and books, serious mode has been enabled.
$149.95 for a whole year...
Some great articles there, well worth the $!
Plus you get to play against slightly below average to near expert players in general, so it's more like real tournaments, and no 3000+ field tournaments!

Next Monday, I plan to hit 2/4 hard, play everyday at least 5 hours all week, see how I turn out, my last outing was $135 up in 90 mins.

So far:

My first several tournaments on PSO have not been very fruitful at all, I took 4th out of 13 once, LOL! In the game I hate most, and except for a bad beat I might have won it. [I had trips on flop and got rivered by guy with 2 pair and no low, we were top two stacks at Pot Limit.

I have played 2 NL Sit 'n Go's [10 ppl] and I came in first in both, so there is the silver lining.

PSO starts you off with a measely $200 bankroll, your job is to build it up via tournaments or ring games.

I'm at $370 now, but about to begin a NL tournament, 149 + entrants, buy in of $20 PSO bucks.

We went to Fiesta at Rancho on Saturday past, to collect our wallet's full of cash promo, oh boy $5 in mine, $3 in wifey's.

We piss it away on nickel video poker on a progressive bank, and see 3 down from us, someone hit a royal.... my elusive royal!

Ah! But I make 3 7's on a megabucks slot machine for $150 and twice on $1 dueces wild come out ahead for about $55 there, we piss away some of the winnings on .01 cent 50 play machines and then leave.

Ah I forgot to mention, I was on 3.5 hours of sleep that day, because I forced my self to get up to play in a free roll to get into a satellite for a $100,000 tournament. Field was about 172, need 30th or better to make it.

Down to 34, when I get KK

I am in weak chip position, but might be able to coast to 30th, but KK is too much for me.... considering I had AI'd with less and not even called 4 other times, I all-in....

TO my immediate left is a guy with 4x my chips he over-raises me and a 3rd guy thinks for 30 secs + and calls all-in as well.

Me: KK

Lefty: AA of course!!!!!!!

3rd guy: AQ

Flop: 774

Turn: Q

River: take a wild guess..... yeah u know it..... CASE FRIGGIN ACE!

Bamm I am out 33rd.

They only do these on Sat/Sun and I missed Sundays. I'll have to get up early for me again on Sat. for another crack.

Congrats to VegasChip, I looked at Sundays, only to see 2 people left, and VC had taken 3rd!

My tournament has begun, good luck all!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

This blog has been suspended for now.

I hope you enjoyed it's brief run.

I can be reached at/job offers should be sent to: computerpro@hotmail.com

Sadly, like so many things in life, it's come down to $, and I had to make some tough decisions.

At this time I am still planning on attending VP3 in Feb.

Take care all! I enjoyed it.... and I hope to return!

I'm not completely out of poker mind you.... it's still in the blood... 8)


Wednesday, January 21, 2004

It finally happened!
I was the guy at the table with the most luck [for my 90 min stay].
OK part of it was skill, I didn't get incredible cards, I got great boards, for my hands and played them effectively, IMHO.
I played 2-4 Hold'em at the Sahara for 90 mins or more, I forgot to check my watch.
I WON EVERY ONE OF MY BLINDS, they only do 1 $2 blind there, and I WON EVERY SINGLE TIME! 7 in a row!
My 2nd to last one:

Me: AKs (FINALLY) and I raised on the option, got a couple callers.

Flop: K62

I bet: called by the table calling station only, no we'd better call him SUPER DELUXE MANIAC CALLING STATION (SDMCS)


I bet $4, MCS raises! WTF!

River: King

I checked to SDMCS: He bets, I raise, he calls.

Flips over: AA

My blind.... my pot... 8)

Let's go back, SDMCS was calling down people with ATo and A2o even with no A T or 2 on the board, or flush or straight....

I was sitting to the immediate left of the TABLE RAISING WHORE (TRW), it was a he so WHORE fits ;) (no women at this place, at all!)

The TRW was raising 40%+ of the time pre-flop!!!!!! BUT! I think he only did it to MY blind, ONCE! 8)

Here's another of my hands: [the 1 he PF raised on, but already knew that the raise is meaningless, having had him fold post-turn 50%+ of the time]

Me: 2s2c

Flop JJ9, everyone in (5+) checks, this was a TRW PF raise hand...

Turn: 2 hehe BINGO!

I got callers!!! No one had a jack even at showdown, I knew no1 had one, there was no flop bet or aura of slight happiness on anyone. ;)

The pot of the night though, MY BLIND: K5o
[I'm still wondering WTF]

Flop: KK6

Four people called all bets made besides me to the END, and I wasn't always the one making them.

The River was an ACE....

NOT ONE OF THESE FOOLS HAD A KING OR A PAIR! I was happy to rake in the $60+ pot, however.

I was so much better then these guys at this table it was heaven, alas I left after SDMCS left the table, as did 'The Kid' (he was just 21 but had a mt. of chips when I first sat down), and he was my personal whipping boy, he crying called me 2 times at least, and I showed trips, and beat him with my KdKh, when 4 hearts hit and he had the queen.
and probably 4 other times, he was commenting on how badly I was beating him, I don't think I lost a single hand I went to the river with....

I never bluffed, I am learning that at 2/4 it is very ineffective.... I watched one guy try it tonight, another failure, SDMCS of course was in the hand and called him down OF COURSE! The kid doing it was a regular there.... 8) [yes, I am going back alright....]

The take: I bought in for $70, and left with $205, $135 ahead for 90 mins. Life is good, for a moment. 8) I left at my chip peak.

I left there to goto the other 2 casinos I had planned to check out and maybe play at, but was very tired after the walks around looking for the poker rooms, etc.

Circus Circus and Stardust, around 11pm on a tuesday, both had 3 tables going:

Stardust, all 3 tables 3/6 Hold'em
All 3 tables were full except 1 had a seat open, and looked like it was to the immediate right of the table leader and possible maniac, I passed.
The average age of the people there was 70! I think the guy leaving as I made my approach was the only one remotely close to my age there.

This is another good reason to pass in general... Old folks are typically TIGHT-PASSIVE, and a game like that SUCKS, if you don't know why?
Get 'The Psychology Of Poker', mine came today, but I have already mostly read a library copy, but overstock.com has it
and many other poker books for good deals, so I added it to my perm. personal collection,
I highly recommend that book, by Alan N. Schoonmaker, PhD. [free plug]
But I digress....

Circus Circus:

I walked the length of it, I missed the Poker Room which was near where I came in as it turned out except around a corner, that place is huge and confusing, I got good exercise tonight, both mentally and physically.... [side note: my diet is going fine... my workouts are not, but I have been a bit out of it this passed week, my neck going out on me friday was just tip of the iceberg, thanks for asking ;)]
I digressed again... OK so CC's poker room was surprisingy nice looking, I thought I had recalled it being OPEN, but it was not.... Clientele there was older as well, and I was just too out of it to bother, but the lady who approached me there, after 3 mins of waiting for the midget behind the counter counting chips to utter a word, [he didn't, I suppose I could have coughed loudly, but my throat is a little tender, I hope it's not the FLU again, just got over it, 6 weeks ago.] was very nice, and they rarely have Omaha there, but when it is, it's HIGH ONLY. They had 7 stud 1-5 and Hold'em 3/6 going....


I went through both Westward Ho and Slots of Fun on the way from Stardust to Circus Circus.

Circus Circus's video poker pay tables: SUCK I saw the payout on a $5 machine, no progressive... 8/5 Jacks or better! That is shameful!

Westward Ho continues to have that bank of Jacks or Better 9/6 4000 machines, referred to commonly as full-pay but my charts tell me more like 99.72% pay, but for the strip, excellent and continues to be our favorite video poker/drinking casino on the strip..... even if not playing, $1 Heinken's and Lemon/Lime 27 oz Margarita's (RUM) for .99 will get you lit very quickly. [I usually spring 1.99 for 27oz strawberry ones] The last time I was pretty drunk.... was there 2 months ago. LOL! That's rare for me.... like once every 3 years rare.....

If you have lotsa dimes, Slots of fun has a bank of DIME machines! YAHOO! They did well for me 1 dime at a time, more than that and they SUCK'd.
[sorry better tell ya that ALMOST ALL casinos post NO DIMES or PENNIES at their change booths or cashier cages on signs, so DIME machines are uncommon]

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Just played in an Omaha Hi/Low online tourney, I hate the game but it was available, 23rd out of 122....
So close to surviving.... 3 of us iced on same hand, trips hit the board and hi PP wins...
Someone had AA, I had TT and was chip poor so adios...

Monday, January 19, 2004

I can admit it now: I hate The Orleans or is it that I hate low pocket pairs? I think I hate the too low # of starter chips, $300 for $40 + $3 more for $75 in chips, a bit of a ripoff, and rebuys $20... for first 75 mins, you can pay $60 if u are out of chips on last hand before the break and get $900 or $600 for $40, or $300 for $20.

I was in the tournament tonite alright.... Let's see I got 33 33 55 55 66 99 Lost all, but first 33 I got. Only high cards I ever got were AJo and got bet ALL-IN to me by my table nemesis, in hind sight I probably should have called.

My other winner: 94s Big Blind, I knocked the old geezer who caused me to lose all my starter chips on my 99 when he called my semi bluff after about 5 mins, I think the guy is 90% dead and a tightwad, he didn't even want to make 1 rebuy.

I got dealt 66 right before the first break, I called 2 all-ins, Board: AA[forget] turn: [forget] River: Ace!

I flip over my nice boat cards, old man and my nemesis at the table: 77.... ARGH!

My last hand: I am down to $125 with blinds at 30/60, I get 55 and bet AI, nemesis calls.

Board: 467 wow I got a shot, turn: 10 river: 2 Nemesis: Ten Ten I am a goner.

That place is a big crap shoot/money suck, I need to play in some freeze-outs. [No rebuys at all]
Also, need smaller field, there were 200+ there tonight, and they pay top 10 only, another ripoff, IMHO.

I think I will skip TO tomorrow and look for greener pastures tomorrow if my neck is aok by then.

Oh yeah: TO's video poker is the pits, skip it! Horrible pay schedules through out, and they have a tons of them.
I did notice they had a 10/20 Hold'em table going, it was a 45 min wait for the tournament line,
which is another inconsiderate thing they do there, you can't phone it in or pay early,
you have to either be in one of their regular games or wait in line.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

There ya have it...

Should be a very competitive Superbowl....

I'll probably make a bet on Panthers, I still have to cover my loss picking the Steelers to win it before the season started. }8-)

Now if only my neck would play fair, I'd be out there playing now. [poker that is]

How embarrassing!

I forgot that the COLTS are the choke team of the group...

Not looking good for Eagles with McNabb injury, no clue who there backups are....

Oh yeah forgot, they are also a choke team too, oh well 1 for 2 perhaps.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Just finished 3rd in a NL tournament, finally broke the ice at Dynamite Poker.

I guess my total take was $25.50 or so, there was $1 bounty on everyone's head, 30 entrants....

Final hand:

I was in low 3rd place: approximately 6k vs 12k vs 18k

QJo Pretty good for AI/steal attempt

Called by KTo and you know the rest....

DP does drive me crazy though, when AI and no other non-AI's left but one, it just slams down all 5 cards and slides chips... too quick... no sweating, no drama...

I might have had suckout of the tournament which was a turning hand for me:

Me: Qd8d

Board: Kd Qh 8c

I went AI, got called.....

He had: KK

I got runner runner diamonds....

Good player from VP too.... whew....

I got sucked out on my fair share also....

Including an earlier tournament, which I took 23rd out of 30 or so, but it was limit, I am not a big limit tournament fan, too easy to get sucked out multiple times, since you can't raise enough to get out bad players with bad poker sense and ugly draws where they need runner runner for a legit hand, in that I need to learn to play a little bit tighter, just a little weeee bit.

My neck cramped out on me Friday morning, so I am just onlining today, after last nights blowout.

I thought I'd just toss out my fun picks for the AFC and NFC Championship games tomorrow.

I'm picking both away teams: Colts and Panthers

and if Panthers survive, taking them for Superbowl.

I picked all 4 winners last week, didn't post it here, but those were my final 4, didn't bet on any games though. 8(

I am not much for sports betting, I went 3 for 4 though on my 2003 bets....

Horseracing wise, already learned my lesson years ago, unless I got inside info, no chance.

Last night we spent about 6 hours at Lady Luck and Las Vegas Club Casinos playing video poker for the most part.

One 10 nickel max progressive bank of machines, had a very high royal jackpot on it, over $1260! This bank restarts at $500, it's more than 2x the threshold amount you need to be way ahead of 100% payback. This bank just so happens to be my favorite bank of machines in Downtown Las Vegas, that is why I know about it, it's in Las Vegas Club and was only reason we went there.... didn't know until we got there that the jackpot was twice the size of normal, very true, I never saw it over $700 before.

It's a bank of 8 machines and there were 3 machines open only, when we got there, my favorite was not one of them, I was lucky though, I got the 2nd best of the group apparently... I did hit 2 4K's in my 90 mins at it, but let my wife take it over when 'my' machine got freed up, unfortunately it did not do very well for me, but 3 hours of play and only $17.50 down at $.50 a play isn't really that bad.

The hot machine was next to the one I left, the most efeminate voiced MALE I have ever come across was playing at it, we would later find out his partner was the one who was at 'my' machine. No surprize... My very highly accurate internal gaydar went off after his first 3 words were uttered.
Mind you I have nothing against gay folks, I laugh at those who do...
Anyhow, he hit about 10 4K's and 4 of them were of the handpay variety, which means 1600 or 4000 coin hits.... we started razzing him after awhile, he liked it...
All the other people playing were not having much luck.
The man beast finally left his machine and I ordered my wife to get on that one, 'NOW MISSY!' (joking tone of course and handed her cash) Her first hand? 4 2's for a nice 800 coin pay....
She was in business.... she had drained my first machine out and was sitting next to me chatting when man beast left his machine.
I actually wanted to get on it, but I was on 'my' machine and after 90 mins I was EVEN, I do use a comp card there though, you get a free steak dinner with your first 1000 points (and keep the points) and I am closing in on the 1000.... They only give you 1 point every countdown, which on that machine was about 1 point every $5 through? Pretty expensive steak dinner if you aren't getting much play, but that bank gives some pretty good play at times, I've won over $300 on 'my' machine, so even after tonight, I am still earning $25+ an hour on that nickel machine. 8)

Lady luck wise, I did ok on our usual machines, I cashed out twice and was up about $40 bucks at one point after maybe an hour, unfortunately wife was not doing well at all... so I was keeping us about even, LL had very stingy slot machines last night, I may never touch them again.

My Video Poker advice is: Play highest machine your bankroll for the session can handle, I say: 100 times the max bet is good bankroll for a session, I don't like to risk more than that.... So .25 machines 5 coin max would mean, have $125.... .05 10 coins, $50.... I'm happy if I can win double the bankroll....
Pro players can do 600+ hands per hour.... and they I think have 4-6x the session bankroll I'm willing to go with and play for much longer than I am willing to at this time per session.
Also, I usually do a $10 test on quarter machines, before I go further, if I can't get at least 1 three of a kind or higher on my $10, I don't play that machine, $5 test on nickels.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2004

What a night at 4/8 .5 Kill at Mandalay Bay, the Thursday tournament was full.

Mucho thanks to VegasChip for recommending the place.

I somehow survived 3 ALL-INs today, there were 4 actually but that one is later.

I got cracked with AJ AJ AQ early on, and I never got AK or AA the entire time, lost with KK,
but somehow QQ was good, very good... beat trip 2's.... that was ALL-IN #1 if I recall.

5 hours total there.

I played pretty solid, but was down about $70, and then comes my jinx: 9c 7c

I have been having CLUB trouble for a long time now.

Flop: 5c [forgot] 6c
Turn: 8c
River: who cares....

THE CLUB JINX is OVER! Must have been stockpiling and finally just had to come my way.

I am pretty sure, I was pretty cool, but I had a lady raise into me after the turn card.... every players DREAM!

Mandalay Bay has a 4 of a kind & Higher progressive, but for every combo 2222 thru Royal with it's own progressive.

My payout: $500 I left about 7 hands later.... I guess I was first 5-9 SF today, if someone else had hit it, I would have gotten a lot less.

It was nice too, our table maniac left and I took his seat 15 mins later and 15 mins or so later.... jackpot...
We would have all been pissed if he'd have won it, he played about 75% of hands and was sucking out like mad, but I think he was spanked back down to what he came in with or close by the time he left. He was so readable, VC and I were pissed we couldn't get cards to trash him with.... I was winning about 1 pot every 90 mins, my only KILL was the 97 hand and KK I got right after.... The lady to my right I told her on a river, she was heads up with the moron, and told her to call, that he doesn't have anything, she did....

His tell? He stared way too long at the pot to figure out what he had.... which was not much... Have to do my part to assist the masses, karma paid off she was one in against me with the straight flush.... she was glad it was a nice guy that got it.... LOL! ;)

Moment of the day: Dealer put up another card after the river. Timing was perfect, he was immediately yanked from the table by a replacement.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Looks like I am tournament bound to Mandalay Bay tonight.

I played in a online $3 entry and here's the ugly:

87s (clubs, my jinx suite) I raised PF and same through the turn and one guy calls, with AQo all the way and nothing helping him on the board.... alas me either.

Very next hand: AA

Someone with JJ bets more than I have, and of course I have to call... 4 flush hits the board and I don't have it, he did... I decide that is just bad luck run and didn't rebuy.

Good luck to all, my live tourney results I'll post later. 8)

Well 2 trips to Rampart and both losing ones. Many thanks to my 1 dueces wild hand of Multistrike Poker, $1 machine, $4 cost, I managed 5 of a kind on the 2x line, that brought me back from the dead and I left after trying a 10 coin nickel progressive that was way over the FULL PAY threshold for the royal flush, I might have to go there again later today and make a run at it. The machines is the HIGH SLOT area gave me lots of play, and didn't lose there tonight, then again I didn't touch the $5 and $25 machines.

I tried my luck at Megabucks, and I am poorer for the effort. 8(

Highlight though was 4 conventioneers at the blackjack table I chose tonight.

One was a sales manager, and if you look up the term shit-faced in the dictionary, his picture should be there.

The dealer was a middle-aged female and he was telling her he loves her at the start/during of every hand, and didn't know what to do EVERY hand.
He said 'He'd like to have sex with her as soon as possible and this table will do nicely' and more explicit language....
'When can we go up to my room and have sex and how many children do you want?' were tame things he said.
The dealer was laughing about it, as was I and the 3 other gents at the table, I think she was pretty much in shock at such crude sex talk. [as was I]
It went on and on, I finally left though, she started a bad trend of 21's and beating me 5 hands in a row.... and it was the slowest table
I've ever been at due to brainless potty mouth kindergarten graduate student at the other end of the table, he was 50ish and wearing a wedding ring which made it all the more silly, but he wouldn't stop, and he had to be told every hand how to do the motion that you want another card, and if he busted he'd cuss.

I wish I'd have had an audio recorder with me, it was a classic.

He won't remember it in the morning probably, but he will hopefully NEVER live it down.

Monday, January 12, 2004

I just got done with a WILD and way too long 10 person NL tourney, I came in 1st.


Let's see with 3 of us left, I had 10% of the chips?

It seesawed around, I had one guy call all-in's with 56o, T2o, and A6o, all of which I had him dominated, and all of which he got miracles, & all of which though, a hand or two before each I had tagged and bagged him, almost out of chips, with him making silly calls to my superior hands.

His 56o got a 432 flop!
His Doyle Brunson got both cards matched by the turn.
And worst, his A6o got 4 flush on board.

I had hand of the tourney though:

Same lucky guy as above, calls my All-In with A6o AGAIN... I had KJs....
Flop KK4 turn: CASE KING! YEAH BABY! [finally my turn]

But, unfortunately my gloat festival hand celebration was short lived, his A6o flush runner runner AI call was about 2 hands later, when I had big slick.

We had a split pot between us once too, due to 3rd guy having the most chips and calling both our AI's and losing to his 64o and my A4s when a 4 hit flop and no other help, and I was in 3rd place....

I knocked him out though with a made str8 on the turn, and he called my AI with just top pair, drawing dead.

I knocked out the final op guy with 2 blows:

88 me, J9 him

Flop came 982

I made trip 8's on flop, he called my AI and he was almost drawing dead (save for JJ/QT/T7 runner runners), doubled me up.

Final hand: [I AI'd after the flop and he called after about 10 secs]

Me: KsJs
Victim: 8s8c

Flop: very pretty AsJs3s Turn: 3 River: 7 brief scare...

Before it was down to 3 though there was a player in the game named Lucky_SOB (yeah a little tacky, but true) and he lived up to it, he survived 4 AI's with junk, and finally walked when a 5th flush draw didn't come through.

It was pretty funny though, after all the wild AI's for about 20 hands it got real quiet, and neither of them would call a single one of my ALL-INs even though they could afford to, they folded on my KK, QQ, and T9o and at least 5 other AI's and even some mediocre raises, was starting to wonder, so I changed to SEE FLOP mode and of course you read what happened....

Overall it was a pretty crazy table, on one hand, 4 people were AI'd, 2 were wiped out, one of them called AI with 32o LOL! [I was letting the maniacs have at each other for the first 2 orbits, which is a good way to go folks.... I think I didn't see any of the first 20 flops (due to raises PF on every SB/BB I had), was pretty easy when the best hand dealt to me was T7s, before I finally saw one.]

Chalk up another extreme come from behind vic to the Brimeister. 8) >insert golfclap here<


Sunday, January 11, 2004

No real gambling news this weekend for me anyhow.

Binion's Horse in Downtown Vegas is now closed due to $ crisis.

At one time this was going to be where I played regularly, too bad, I hope they recover it somehow, Harrah's WSOP (or whoever) just doesn't have the same appeal.

This will probably lead to other poker room over-crowding if BH stays closed, or maybe more places will finally add poker rooms, it's not like POKER is going anywhere but UP.

A few suggested places to try online poker that I recommend:

www.jetsetpoker.com | Good free tournaments, and favorite interface.

www.tigergaming.com | This one has PAN, Big 2, Chinese Poker, and Guts Poker, highly recommend it for fun play, no free tournaments, and no NL ones yet, probably why not crowded, wife and I play Chinese Poker here quite a bit.

www.pokerpages.com | This one has the $14.95 Poker School Online attached to it and Bugsy's, but you can still play free tournaments galore too.

Those are the 3 sites I play at now almost exclusively...

Visit my other links too while your at it, FeliciaLee and GoAllin.com are both rising stars and worthy of your time.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Breaking news..... [Now edited at 3pm PST]

Just finished a free entry NL Hold'Em tournament online, groggy and barely awake, took 2nd out of 221 people. 75 Bonus Points usable towards tournament entry fees for my effort, I need to play half asleep more often! This is equal to $75 I was told, 18th to 27th place got a measly 4.5 bonus points, so 75 is pretty good, it was my first tournament there.

Final Hand:

Note: Other guy had been raising me EVERY HAND after the flop and I never hit one solidly.

Not quite the sucker, but way too tired at this point guy: (Me) Ks 2s

Flop: Ts 5s 5c

Turn: Kd

ALL-IN now and his cards exposed....

5d 9c GEEEZ! [He had raised PF with this also]

River was of course: ................... 9d

Thursday, January 08, 2004

and now for something completely different.....
This one is for Felicia Lee. [shout out! 8)]
Warning: Don't attempt this if you are squeamish about visiting what can be reasonably called a bad side of town and what tends to come with that.
We took: Brian's $10 Trifecta Challenge.
Da rulez:
Wife and I went to the 3 seediest casinos in downtown Las Vegas and at each had a $10 video poker budget.
All play was at nickel machines. Starter budget sharing is allowed, but not winnings.
and now on with the show...
Check out this map for area we were, worst section of the downtown area of casinos, Western was not listed on that map, but is
2 blocks south of El Cortez: http://www.vegasgallery.com/maps/downtownMap.asp
Note: All votes tabulated below were unanimous (2 out of 2) and only comparing the 3 places we went, so take this with a shot glass full of salt, please.
Casino Report #1: Western
Initial reaction: 5x nicer than I remembered, but that's not saying much, machine choice much improved!
Worst Bathrooms
'Worthy of being pissed on' - Wife's reaction...
and out of paper towels!
Best Parking [outdoor lot with ample room to maneuver]
Best Video Poker
Smokiest, only one I choked at.
Best drinks [note: only place we stayed long enough for drinks, and was surprized that they were not filled to the bottom with ICE, a nice +]
Spent most of our time here, got lots of play for our money, 45 mins worth of play for $10, pretty good for a this dump and bad payout machine.
Wife had a good run here, $15.50 up when I ran out, she hit 4 aces for 2nd highest payout on the double bonus machines we selected.
Progressive was for only the Royal Flush, and 6 for a full house is pretty pitiful.
The progressive was over the suggested play level of $251, $277 if I recall, and the whole place was pretty busy, also a surprize.
This was the only casino, I heard a voice when we left, 'sir sir sir', I ignored him, I didn't have any money left and was not about to get into a confrontation, he wasn't loud enough anyhow, and for all I know wasn't talking to me.... We were already a little on edge being there in the first place.... We saw what could have passed for bums on the way there, but I could be mistaken, but full shopping carts in tow are usually a good sign when there is no grocery store nearby.
Scoring summary: Wife: +15.50 Brian: -$10
Casino Report #2: El Cortez
Initial reaction: A lot nicer inside then I remembered, not near as cramped inside as reported by Cheapovegas.com [their info is old I think] or as I had remembered it when I was last there years ago....
Best Bathrooms
Worst Video Poker
Most headroom
Least smokiest
Least crowded [reflection of worst video poker perhaps, or maybe it's quality location is bigger factor. /s]
Most like a real strip casino
Best short skirt seen on a patron [ok that's just mine]
Oldest cocktail waitress staff
Least likely place to be asked for a cocktail [reflection of least crowded, I think]
Biggest casino by landslide, could fit the other 2 inside this one with room for rollerskating rink probably.
Best parking garage [only one with one, 'too many large speed bumps', was wife's reaction, though we got a good spot.]
Best seats
Had worst luck here, we each played on 3 machines, and both lost it all, my rotten luck continued, I was out first.
Scoring summary: Wife: -$8 Brian: -$12 [we split her remaining $4 to continue on 3rd set of machines]
Adjusted totals: Wife: +7.50 Brian: -$22
Casino Report #3: Gold Spike
Initial reaction: Where's the smoke? WOW! I CAN BREATHE! [wife smokes, I don't]
Smallest casino
Best water pressure
Tightest parking lot EVER! [I drove... we lucked out even finding a spot, but had to loop it twice]
^Accident waiting to happen with two pickups on the end parked right as you enter with very little room for error, especially if going more than 2 MPH, I had to go out onto the street to come back in a second time and lucked out with someone pulling out of a spot.
Smallest lot [I am not sure you could fit a semi in this lot.]
Worst seats, way too close to the machines were some, and not movable.
Machines were not quite as bad as El Cortez, but I tapped out first on both sets of machines and used extra dollar of loose nickels wife had left from the first set of pitiful machines. She held onto a 5 spot and we got out of there after reviewing their bathrooms for this report.
Scoring summary: Wife: -$4 Brian: -$11
Final totals: Wife: +3.50 Brian: -$33
Bragging rights belong to: WIFEY
Real winner: CASINO OWNERS!
Winner of best overall casino [tonight anyhow]: WESTERN
YES! We are as shocked as you might be... Going in, I expected the worst of it there, the bathrooms didn't disappoint though.
As far as poker goes, I am studying 'Middle Limit Hold'em Poker' book, I am heading to $10/$20 next time out .
[might be Monday until I go for it.... cluck cluck]

Another rotten day:

Texas Titties (uncreative vulgar nickname, but TT from here on out, she had a real thick accent and TT fits, sorry you just will have to visualize!) spanked me repeatedly again, starting with this: when the one card that could make my straight draw and her flush draw hit the river. [I think I went on tilt a little weeeeee bit after that hand]

A few hands before that, an old guy (OG), who had sucked out on me on Sunday, and TT were in this hand with me:
[if you suck out on me, I remember you.... a year later I remember you... TT! I will remember YOU for YEARS!! LOL! OK vent/rant over. 8)]

Sucker: (Brian) QsQc (yeah QQ is not nice to Brian [read back a few blogs for a more severe QQ beating example])

OG/TT: AKo (both of them)

One lone king on board to mess me up....

I think I played against this lady all 3 days I played at the Plaza, I can't remember beating her in a hand.
I watched her like a hawk at times, and overheard her telling OG that she was going back to Texas tomorrow! [good riddance!] hehe
I did pat someone on the back after HE spanked HER on Monday, I just had wished it was me, she was not a great player or anything, she was down until she started making me her personal whipping boy.

The only hand I won, I slowplayed it accidentally, but after the turn, I thought I was likely beat because my luck was so bad with 3 of a straight now on board.
I had 44 and a 4 came on the flop...
I was actually trying to check raise, but no one would bet until the river, which was a bit unusual for this table!
Note: TT was not in this hand and neither was OG. 8,(

My last hand was Ks9s Board Qs 3 K 4s 4, I had flush draw and Kings, of course what does the lady have? QQ!! I was all-in before the river was turned.

I left down: $59, I had had enough.... and knew I better RUN! $2/$4 I will say it again... SUCKS... Only consistent winner is the casino with the rake.

After escaping the table: I played video poker at 3 different places, down another $40, my favorite machine was occupied. 8(

My last hand though at VP was small victory: a Royal Flush (w/2 dueces in a dueces wild game) unfortunately...
or the story would end better, but I was trying to get back to under $100 down, and I did it! LOL!

So to recap: $2/$4 Hold'em sucks.... and TT my personal bad luck bimbo, will NOT be at the Plaza tomorrow! YAHOO! 8)

I'll have to try and spank OG I guess instead.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Alrighty then....

I went to the local Barnes & Noble to see if a new poker book was in yet, no luck.

I decided, why waste the trip:
And decided to case the closest casino that has poker near me: Arizona Charlie's on Decatur.

The poker room was empty, nobody...

I decided, why waste the trip:
I proceeded to play video poker for about an hour on 6 different machines.

Result: -$13.50

I decided, why leave down to this dump?:
Headed to a $5 Blackjack table....

Result: +15.00 after 4 hands, won 3 pushed 1 [definitely not the usual experience]
I pulled the quick get up a smidge and run out of the dumpy joint maneuver, again!

Net for the day: $1.50

Moment of the day: in Arizona Charlie's playing a video poker machine near the lounge area, I hear some awful karaoke version of a Prince song.
I leave this machine to try another one that has a view of this karaoke.
I notice someone playing the guitar and a drummer, and it dawns on me, it's not karaoke, it's the house band!

If AC cleaned the place up and didn't obviously follow every other locals casinos video poker trend [no fullpays in the place] it might be alright, and work on that karaoke!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Took the day off it looks like, was going to try playing later at night, but right now too tired.

I got a haircut today though, so hopefully brain is less weighted down in the near future.

I played 2 freeroll tournaments online though, took 1st in one, and 2nd in the other.

In: $0
Out: $0

Practice practice practice...

Monday, January 05, 2004

Oh what a day!

$2/$4 definitely not for the meek....

I made 2 blunders today both cost me pots, one small, one medium. Details withheld... 8) I know what I did and won't make same errors again.

BAD FRIGGIN BEAT OF THE WEEK: [Probably won't have a worse one this week so....]
(Also aka. last hand of the day for poor Brian.)

Sucker: (Brian)
Qs Qc

I re-raised pre-flop knowing at river I'd be all-in.

Flop: 2d Jh 8h
I bet

Turn: Qh
I bet

River: 2c
I bet remaining 2 chips...

The Plaza has high hand of the day bonus:

I of course ran right into: 10h 9h

I'd had enough.... 8)

Down: $103

Turns out I had roughly $7 in quarters in my pocket.

Qtr Slots: Down $7 LOL!

I went to my favorite .05 video poker machine on the way to the car.

In for: $15
Left it up: $35
It's a 10 coin nickel machine, I hit 2 4 of a kinds, about 8 hands apart....
This same machine on my birthday last year, I got 4 4K's including 2 $80 jackpot ones.

So all totaled, lessons for the day: $75

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Ooops I started early on my test phase.

4 hours of 2/4 at The Plaza downtown, expected it to be 1/3, nope...

I left up 10.50.... table was loose passive/mild aggressive in spots.

I must have folded my first 15+ hands.

I finally got AKs after an hour or so, I bet it strong and after the river everyone folded, I had not flopped str8, flush, or even a pair, except one on the board.

I got sucked out on and even raised by a flush chaser who made it on river, but was only major SUCKOUT of the night.

I won with 99, after fending off bets, with 787 on the board with a face card on river, I was $4'd into twice and I still came out winner to a guy's 8 for lower 2 pair.

I folded 3 hands that would have been winners, only 1 at the river though, when an Ace came and one bettor and one caller in front of me, I folded QJ that was 2nd pair on board,
turned out bettor had 2 in hand for a pair of 2's, and caller had worse than that!

My final hand that I really played out was AhAd, a guy who I was told was 'a player' raised pre-flop, and I re-raised. J26 on board, turn a 6, river a ten.
He raised me after the turn, and I called, checked river, so did he, and aces were good.

Definitely can't make a living playing 2/4... I played very tight, except on a couple of small blinds, was amazed how easy it was to get down and stay that way and yet hardly playing, must have been the $1/$2 blind per round.

But, these are cheap lessons.... and making sure stamina wise I am ready.... I did very well I think, considering how many awful hands I was dealt.

No gambling yesterday or today, BUT...

Tomorrow: Monday Jan. 5th 2004 I make my debut.... my certification plan has been scrapped for the moment.

Details of first day will come...

Friday, January 02, 2004

No gambling to report.

We started dieting and exercise program today, and I am just too burned out mentally to gamble today.

I'm studying instead.

Good luck!

Thursday, January 01, 2004

I won $1.40 at a nickel/dime table playing only 5 hands, beat up the table bully/calling station. 8)

I just got knocked out of a freeroll NL Hold'Em Tournament, horrible run of bad cards did me in, 113th out of 500+, not too bad.

Notable hands:

Me: AKs
Other fellow: A5o
A third guy low on chips was All-In, he had 77.

I went all-in after AA6 flop, and A5o calls.... turn Q (meaningless) river.....

A friggin 6 letting A5o off the hook.

Bad breaks like that did not help me.

Finally hand, after folding about 20 in a row: T7s really really low on chips, with 200 ante and the blinds 800/1600 and I'm at 3000.
Only caller to my all-in... of course has TT, flop gave some hope, 982, turn a 4, river a queen: toast.

I was happy to have a T7s by that point to at least have a shot, almost never let yourself wait for the blinds to kill you, if an ok draw hand shows up, push All-In, mainly so you have a few more chips to bet and thus win, and your move might not seem so obvious, exception would be if you were down to 11 players and there were other low stacks, and only top 10 get paid...

So up : $1.40 for the day. LOL!

Obviously my fullblown poker play hasn't begun yet, but it will soon.

Happy New Year!

We just returned from our short Rampart Casino fireworks trip.

Boring fireworks report:

We got there around 11pm and it was packed, we gave up on eating their midnight specials. 8(

We had to drive around to even find a parking spot and had to watch from 3rd deck instead of the top due to crowds.

They did a syncronized show from 10 different casinos on the strip and we could easily see at least 8 of them, not too impressed honestly for Vegas I was expecting more.

Actual gambling report:

-26.25 on a double bonus 10/7 Video Poker machine.

I went and found my usual back of machines for .25 dueces wild, both machines were open took the one on the end for siteseeing purposes. ;) 100x more people then I had ever seen there before. These machines are right outside their cafe if you ever go there, 16/10 machines (16 for 5 of a kind, I got one).

My wife came over and took the second machine about 15 mins later, and I got down to $10 and that hand: I wound up with 32222 8) $250! [I only put in $20]

I played off the remaining 8.75 after hand pay of the jackpot and we went out for the fireworks.... and then left.

Total trip: up 203.75! 8) [note: only including my play... she can make her own blog! 8)]

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