Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Today (Dec. 30th) I played an Omaha Hi/Lo Tournament on PokerPages.... Finished 24th out of 180, and I am not a big fan of the game.

One tip: Fold all dealt trips and quads in Omaha Hi/Low, unless you get A222 or AAA2; don't expect to see it much.

I also played there in a Mixed Games tournament, finished 5th out of 229. Rotated until the final table with these 3 games:

Limit Texas Hold'Em
Omaha Hi/Low 8
7 card stud High only

I have never played in Mixed tourney before, but it is really a good test of your skills, I can say that I tightened up severely at times in Omaha and 7 card stud, but I won some very nice pots in both.
In one pivotal hand I gained 13,300 when I really needed it, my opponent folded before the river, I had showing on the table Ad 7d Ah 2d, little did he know that I had 2 other diamonds in the pocket.

Once to the final table, it was all No Limit Hold'Em.

The final table would have been 8, but 2 people got knocked out on same hand, so we begin with 7.

This was easily the hand of the night and occured at the final table....

Comes to me, I go ALL-IN, guy to my left called extremely quickly, and then a 3rd guy pauses and folds.

Our cards are shown:

Me: AcAd
Him: AsAh

LOL! We all had a big chuckle on that one, no 4 of a suite on board to wreck someone's day, I had more chips then him at the time by about 20,000.

My tourney ended to the same guy 10 mins later with this:

Me: Ah4h
Him: 2 jacks

No improvement for either of us and I am toast, my chips didn't go to waste, I watched the rest of the game, and he won it.

Tip: Never give up and just toss in your chips on random cards, I was down to 7000 chips, with bet limit at 1000/2000, and wound up in 2nd place at the final table for a little while, but at that moment I was nearly out in 35th place.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Howdy ALL! Getting this started just before the new year. 8)

This is for Dec. 29th, 2003

We went to Fitzgerald's on Freemont Street to collect my free steak dinner at their Cafe.

I went to the can and my wife went to the same machine I won my steak dinner on 11/18/03 and only had 2 more days left to use it.
It was funny that night, it took us a while to find the machines with the free dinner bonus, I sat down, put in 5 quarters, and I got 4 Kings on my first hand!
The steak dinner required a four of a kind on this bank of jacks or better machines...
My wife and I tried to win another one but couldn't, and I came back another night and put $65 in and no dinner either.

I returned from the can and saw a big smile on my wife's face, she had put in one $5 and had just hit not 10 secs ago.... 4 Kings...
It took 15 mins to get the coupon, that place is understaffed! And 3 times my wife was told she could go ahead and play, it was verified... they were obviously trying to suck the dinner out of us.... She cashed out on the machine and they insisted on removing the 4 Kings on the screen so no one else would claim it, how ridiculous....

The dinners were OK, the corn they gave as a vegetable was TIN tasting.... but the rest was decent enough for free and I was surprized that they even covered our drinks.

We walked to the Lady Luck Casino, just a short distance from Freemont Street, I hadn't been there in 6 years or so.

We found some 9/6 Jacks or Better machines, 2 actually together and NOT occupied! I found a grand total of 6 of them in there I think.

We only played a short while, I hit 4 8's and cashed out $30 up, and came back and she got her credits up to $30 worth and cashed out $20 ahead, so on our very quick outing, at least the gambling part, we were up $50 at Lady Luck and another $27.50 at Fitzgerald's.

I tried some Fitz slots and out of 8 machines, none hit with a couple of spins, usually a bad sign when multiple machines are given 3 spins each and none even hit for 1 coin back.

On the way back thru Fitz Casino (they call it that even) I played a 5 coin nickel slot for $3 while wifey was in the can, and I actually got about $15 bucks worth of spins.

That's it for now....

We live in Las Vegas, so I will have more local exploits of course, and I will post later about some online play I had today.

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